Santa Monica High School Viking Bands
2007 Concert Season Programs

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Here is your opportunity to support the SAMOHI Band Program - without costing you a penny!!!  

IF you have already filled out the scrip forms for the band - then we have entered your name - and thanks for giving us the information.

IF you haven't filled out the forms - you can still sign up with the escrip program.  Just sign up (or renew) your scrip with Vons/Pavilion's - and we will start getting money to support the band program!  It's really easy to do.  Just follow these simple instructions:

First time users:

1. Go to <>
2.  Click on - "Sign up - it's free"
3.  Enter group name - Santa Monica Band Parent's Association
4.  Click - group name and next
5.  Follow steps to enter your personal information

We need to renew everyone (I have done some already - however, to make sure - please help out and renew yourself)

1.  Go to <>
2.  Click on Renew your commitment to Safeway (it covers Von's/Pavilion's too)
3.  Enter either e-mail address, phone number or Von's and preferred shopper number
4.  Follow the steps to complete renewal

Also, you can enter your Macy's credit card and regular credit card - and we will get money from both of these.

IF you have questions - or want us to follow through with your signing up or renewal - just contact us at or call at 310-396-0411

Thank you for supporting the Band Program.

Ishara and Tim